The enduring appeal of a Jack Daniel’s tee

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Full disclosure: I hate whisky. I hate bourbon. I hate dark rum. Anything that tastes remotely like one of the three, and I struggle to keep it down, which is something I value pretty highly when it comes to alcohol.

So all of this probably makes me a huge fraud, when it comes to my enduring love for a Jack Daniel’s t-shirt.

I remember the first time I saw one, a scene queen on Myspace who I was obsessed with wearing a vest version and swigging a bottle of the same. I gagged a little at the thought of the drink, but damn, did she look cool.

Jack Daniel’s is one of those brands that manages to be synonymous with cool, something that so many brands strive for and most will never achieve. The ones that do achieve it often aren’t trying, they’re just doing their thing, like the enigmatic high school crush or the rock god you throw your underwear and your soul at. They’re just cool, and nothing can change that. They are the perfect maelstrom of ingredients, that must come together organically. It’s the people they spend time with, the things they’re interested in, their charisma, their talents, their attitude.

Need I say more?

When it comes to a Jack Daniel’s t-shirt, the cool factor for me is now two-fold. It originates from being cool by association – it’s difficult to imagine a lot of rock stars, like Guns n Roses, Led Zepp and Motorhead, without a bottle of the stuff in their hands at some point or another. For me, a new layer is added on to that when I think of the Myspace girl and all of the other grunge girls I’ve scrolled past throughout the years, on Myspace and Tumblr and Instagram, wearing their t-shirts, dancing in fields, hanging at parties, just generally looking so badass. Cool factor squared – how very meta.

My attempt to get a piece of this elusive feeling has been reborn many times in my life, going through a cycle of reincarnations faster than a Buddhist fruit fly.

The one I wore to a house party when I was 15 that got so badly burned from poking holes in it with cigarettes that I had to go home in my bra.

The one that my first flat sent to an early mildew-related death.

The one that I cut into a ‘crop top’ that was then unwearable as it was more bib-like than anything else.

My most recent version was sweetly donated to me (okay, I stole it, jeez) from my boyfriend, and it’s the inspiration for this little post – my ode to the grunge girl classic.


T-Shirt – I honestly have no idea where mine is from apart from ‘Josh’s drawer’ but I absolutely love this one on the Etsy store BLACKMAGIKA


Skin – Foundation is MAC Mineralize Moisture SPF 15 in NW 15, contouring is Illamasqua (I’m not sure of the name, and it’s a little orange for me sadly, so I’m not sure I even want to!)

Eyebrows – Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Taupe.

Eyes – for the main colour payoffs I used a forest green and a greenish gold from my Fortune Favours the Brave Palette by Make Up Revolution London (so cheap, so worth it), with the gold topped up with Urban Decay Naked 2 in Half Baked and Naked. I topped this off with two rock goddess lines of gel eyeliner from Maybelline, and a hefty amount of Diorshow mascara.

Lips – Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss – 04 which tbh, I used to love, and I thought I still loved, but looking at these photos, I’m just not sure any more. What a crisis!

At least I’ll always love my Jack Daniel’s tee. <3 

Sophie Syzygy xo

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