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Hello, everyone!

I was getting so, so good at this whole regular blogging thing, and then I went and got married and the whole thing flew out the window, didn’t it. This means that not only do I have a really good excuse, in the grand scheme of things, but I also have so many things to write about once I get my act in gear and edit the photoshoots we did in the States.

In the meantime, I thought I would do a little (very little) post on an outfit I wore when I went to pick up my new tarot cards from the wiccan shop on the Royal Mile – because if you can’t wear head to toe black velvet there, where can you, I ask.


Black velvet high neck midi dress from Zara. You can buy it here.

Black velvet cloak with fur trimmed hood, vintage, from an Etsy store called Detroit Dolly.

Black (are you seeing a trend here) suede chelsea boots. No longer listed, I’m afraid, but they are from Office.

Enjoy the autumnal, witchy vibes, lovely people, and I promise to return with something more sparkly super soon.

Sophie Syzygy xo

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