I got Invisalign! The process & five tips on invisible braces [Video]

Invisalign process and 5 tips on invisible braces

Invisalign is a system of removable, practically invisible braces – you get a new set every two weeks, and eventually, your teeth will be that glorious Hollywood smile you’ve always dreamed of (or at least, that’s what I’m hoping for!).

As it’s been about three months since I first got Invisalign, I thought it might be helpful to film a little video on the process I went through to get Invisalign and five tips and pieces of advice that I have discovered along the way.

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In case you’re only here for a quick read, the five tips on Invisalign that I have found are the following:

  1. Starting out can be pretty overwhelming, which is why, even if you’re not experiencing that much pain, you will probably cry on the first day – it’s a lot to get used to, there is now a lot of plastic in your mouth, and the realisation of how long the process feels like it’s going to be starts to hit you. The good news? IT TOTALLY PASSES.
  2. You start to notice a difference pretty quickly with Invisalign! However, it’s a little like weight-loss in my opinion as it can be a while before anyone else sees a change in your smile. Chances are they just haven’t been standing a centimetre from your mouth this whole time, and that’s more than okay!
  3. Your dental hygiene will become amazing. You have to brush and floss your teeth very regularly, like, more regularly than you ever thought possible throughout a day, but it’s a routine you get into very quickly and one that you will be more than happy about when you realise just how much more fresh and white your teeth are becoming.
  4. You will drool in your sleep. It’s something you just have to accept as part of the process – I’m sorry.
  5. Don’t worry about having to wear them literally ‘all the time’ – I know that it’s ideal to wear them the 22 hours a day that is suggested, and that is of course how you get them to work the most effectively, however, if you’re on a night out, for example, it is far better for your teeth to leave them out for the evening than it is to be trying to brush them in between every drink. You still have to have a social life, and you shouldn’t be brushing sugar onto your teeth – what use is a straight smile that’s full of cavities?

Let me know if you’ve got Invisalign and how you’re getting on with it!

Love Sophie xo

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